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story and sustainability



house of abis: 
Abis is an in-house, solar-powered establishment where eco-luxury products are handmade and sold. 

name: ABIS
An alchemical remix of the words cannabis and abyss.
‘ABIS’: derived from the word cannabis.
ABYSS: a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm. anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite: the abyss of time. (in ancient cosmogony) the primal chaos before Creation.

dope range: our core hemp and plant-based range, for your dope skin, dope hair, and dope care.

meaning of “dope”:
dope is an amalgam of terms; both ancient and modern. dope: symbolises the fusion of it’s meaning: A thick liquid or lubricant, or a medicinal, herbal substance. It also takes reference from the slang adjective “dope” that emerged during early Hip-Hop culture, meaning ‘to be excellent, impressive, amazing or extraordinary'.

inspired by alchemy.

alchemy: With etymological origins in Egyptian, Greek and Arabic culture, alchemy is an early form of chemistry centred on the transmutation of earth and its matter. 
The term Alchemy also expresses a philosophical approach to life in having the ability to take something ordinary, and transform it into something extraordinary. Alchemical meaning the involving a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. 

alchemy of the earth and within
alchemy of the earth: 
partnering with the Earth to create luxurious handmade, multipurpose, head-to-toe and eco-conscious cosmetic formulas and products.

alchemy within:
self care, self love, mindfulness.
abis is dedicated to empowering people through promoting the knowledge and practises of self care, self love, and mindfulness.

the abis effect:
Inspired by the The Butterly Effect, in the idea that small things can have a big impact. The butterfly effect rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected, such that one small occurrence can influence a much larger complex system. Abis is the embodiment of an effect, 
putting people and the planet at the centre of beauty. 


manufacturing and formulating
abis products are handmade in small batches, in-house in Coffs Harbour, powered by solar energy. 
Each product is made with intention, integrity, and artistry.  The process is a ritualistic approach to manufacturing, where it's an individual art form, what Andie calls "alchemic formulating". 


green chemistry
Each product is manufactured with ecologically sustainable practices. We focus on management and minimising our environmental footprint, to benefit the people and planet. The brand considers the environmental effects short term and long term.  

plant extracts
Each ingredient is selected based on its potency, functionality, effectiveness and safety to deliver nourishing products. the plant-based ingredients are 90% certified organic and plant-based and intended to adhere to being high-quality and high-end eco-luxe products. 

eco packaging
abis endorses eco friendly packaging. Our products are packaged within glass jars and bottles with aluminium lids that can be reused in your home or recycled. dope is currently working behind the scenes on new innovated packaging, eco-refilling systems for selected products to further embody dope alchemy’s wider philosophy on how we manage our environmental footprint and impact on the planet. 

ethical choices 
Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We condemn the exploitation of animals. We do not test on animals or purchase any ingredients that are tested on animals. Our approach is to adhere to sustainable, ethical and organic principles. These principles include well-sourced, sustainable, high quality, organic or natural, ethically made and fair trade ingredients. 



the founder 

House of Abis (previously called dope alchemy) was birthed through a vision whilst studying Naturopathy, of creating a multipurpose Cannabis and plant-powered skincare and self care brand for the modern human. I formulated each product to enhance the relationship or state of being with the self. For example: the “blend” was formulated to alleviate and manage the anxiety and post-traumatic stress I was experiencing at the time. The cream was formulated for dry skin (my skintype) and those who suffer from eczema. 

I have merged my creative background working in the fields of design, art, curation, and creative direction with studies in health science and herbal manufacturing to innovate and create House Of Abis, solely. Merging two worlds I Iove, to create a brand that encapsulates art, science and wellness. 


I perceive the human body as a mechanical art form, which is why the brand is genderless and focused on the human form in its totality- the skin, the hair, the nails, the breath, the sensors. I created a brand initiative to give back called, humane. Humane is about putting people and the planet at the centre of beauty. This initiative is to nurture my drive, connection, and love for the planet and all that inhibits it. spent my early childhood living in Africa immersed and connected to nature, culture and tropical jungles. This bond, combined with the influence of my parent's work for Save The Children (working as doctors in refugee camps for a decade) laid the foundation to create a positive impact, as a passion and purpose in my life. As part of this initiative, a percentage of every order is donated to conservation, environmentalism, endangered species and communities in need. This will be an evolving structure of our business as the brand expands and grows.


Each product is made with love and intention, and what I call "alchemic formulating", a ritualistic manufacturing process. Where the products are made with artistry, intention and integrity.



hemp advocation 
I am an advocate for Hemp and the legalisation of  medical cannabis on a global scale. Through a personal journey with medical cannabis and health, it is my strong belief that cannabis has the potential to revolutionise the planet and people's lives, due to the chemistry of the cannabis plant's constituents, utilised in medicine, health, wellness and in-personal care. I foresee cannabis species as a fundamental plant and material to create innovative eco-solutions for systematic change due to its versatility in medical, cosmetic, commercial, industrial, fashion and construction industries. 


ABIS updates

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