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ABIS: putting people and the planet at the centre of beauty. 

humane - our brand initiative where we focus and donate to conservation, environmentalism, endangered species and communities in need.

it is ABIS'S mission to not only partner with the Earth to create luxurious handmade, multipurpose, head-to-toe eco-cosmetic formulas, but to be a bespoke and humane brand, with a greater purpose for the planet and all life that inhabits it. 

humane key focuses: 

✧ Provide people with eco-luxury products, handmade with integrity, intention and artistry. 

✧ Protection of forests - some of the earth's most biodiverse rainforests and help to create and sustain these vibrant ecosystems.

✧ Animal rights, donations to protect and assist animals or endangered animals. 


✧ Adoption and donations to protect, rehabilitate, and release orangutangs back into the wild. 

✧ Orangutans as an endangered species, and their biodiversity value. The species are a key component of the forest ecosystem (they play a vital role in seed dispersal and in maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem, to diversify and stabilise). 

✧ Palm Oil Industry awareness - its influence on deforestation and threat to climate change (climate change is a key driver of biodiversity loss). the demand for Sustainable Palm Oil and new structures, so it is a highly regulated and humane industry.

✧ Humane rights, giving back to communities.


There will be evolving structures within the business to be a voice, assist in creating change, and dedicate focus to raising awareness and donating to non for profits that are a part of positive change or systemic solutions for people, animals and the environment. 

ABIS donates $10 per order to: The Orangutan Project. 

The Orangutan Project has a holistic approach to conservation.

Saving the orangutan also saves Critically Endangered Sumatran tigersCritically Endangered Sumatran elephants and many other endangered species. It also saves the forest and supports local and indigenous communities. This project also safeguards ancient rainforests where donations can protect one of the last lowland Sebangau rainforests in Kalimantan, home to the largest remaining population of Critically Endangered Bornean orangutans. 

Their conservation strategy covers four key areas: 

✧ Legally protects Forests 

✧ Secure, Restore and patrols Orangutan habitat. 

✧ Rescue, Rehabilitate and release infant and displaced Orangutans

✧ Educate and Empower local communities and indigenous people. 


ABIS donates the profits of the Dope Serum to JungleKeepers. 

Junglekeepers conserves threatened habitat in the vitally important Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon. The Las Piedras watershed is part of the Andes/Amazon hotspot—one of the most biodiverse and pristine areas on earth.

This forest is home to tens of millions of trees, numerous indigenous communities, and untold numbers of animal heartbeats. In recent decades new roads, illegal logging, poaching, and gold mining have begun to seriously degrade the ancient forest that is the source of life in this region.

Junglekeepers Rangers patrol and safeguard almost 30,000 acres of this incredible landscape.


note: this donation is not applicable for sales. 

ABIS donates monthly to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia. 

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) in Indonesia is a non-profit foundation supported by BOS Australia and other sister organisations around the world.

BOSF operates under an official agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry for the conservation of Bornean orangutans and their ecosystem that works by involving and educating the local people. The BOS teams focus on orangutan rescue, reintroduction and habitat conservation both in East and Central Kalimantan. Currently, BOSF, supported by BOSA and other sister organisations, manages the biggest orangutan reintroduction program in the world, and is caring for over 400 orangutans. The Foundation also manages a peat land conservation area which provides habitat for 3,000 wild orangutans in Central Kalimantan and manages an Ecosystem Restoration Concession in East Kalimantan that is dedicated as orangutan habitat.

On the ground in Indonesia, BOSF works with the support of over 470 highly devoted local staff as well as experts in conservation, primates and community empowerment.

Interests include:

     ✧ biodiversity (flora and fauna)

     ✧ forest rehabilitation

     ✧ forest inventory and monitoring

     ✧ agroforestry to improve local peoples’ welfare and education

      ✧ working with orangutans and other protected wildlife.






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